Why I love Thermal Cooking

Thermal cooking is a form of slow cooking done with retained heat. It produces delicious food with very little effort.

Join me on my business trip to the UK!

It’s time to invest in some new products for my sustainable cooking venture. Join me, as I travel to the UK, try new products and meet the people behind them.

Tangzhong bread Pizza – Delicious

Turns out the Tangzhong bread dough also makes some really nice pizza. My spouse and I have been making this pizza for a few weeks now – and he loves it!

Date chocolate balls: A healthier take on the classic Swedish treat

Easily digested carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium and B vitamins make these chocolate balls a great post-exercise snack or guilt-free pick-me up. The texture and taste is very similar to traditional Swedish chocolate balls, but without the added fat or refined sugar. One thing I really love about this recipe is how versatile it is. You can…

Getting my nutrition knowledge formally recognized

I have had a passion for nutrition since I was a kid – I’ve read all sorts of books, used nutrition to do well in sports and support my studies. During all these years, I never had my knowledge formally recognized, but now it is time! My first step was to take the Foundation in Sports Nutrition at Shaw Academy – an engaging course with an inspirational teacher.