About The Nomad Polymath

Polymath. Millenial. Entrepreneur.

Hi there! My name is Sara and I am The Nomad Polymath. On this blog, you can follow my experiments and read my thoughts on creative problem-solving, life and what it is like to be a polymath in today’s society.

I was born in Brazil, raised in Italy and Sweden and obtained my university degrees in Australia. I am lucky to have been able to travel extensively and gain a variety of cultural perspectives from an early age.

Over the years, this diversity of culture has lead to a diversity of knowledge – Polymathy. A broad perspective and an open mind lends itself well to learning and developing new skills. Being a polymath means having deep knowledge in many areas along with an ability to make interdisciplinary connections that others cannot.

Because of their deep interdisciplinary knowledge, polymaths are able to bridge seemingly unrelated disciplines. They are like children raised in a multicultural family who transition effortlessly between languages and culture.

My formal skills

  • Professional background in security and risk management
  • Bachelor degree in Counterterrorism, Security and Intelligence
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Security
  • Personal Trainer Certificate

Some of my informal skills:

  • Make-up artistry and physical special effects
  • Acting
  • Fire breathing
  • Gourmet and artisan cooking
  • Web design (WordPress, basic HTML and CSS)
  • Video production and editing (Final Cut Pro)
  • Sewing clothes and costumes from scratch
  • Training and nutrition

Some interesting things I have done:

  • Genetic manipulation on bacteria in a security classed lab
  • Competed in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at the amateur level
  • Worked as a public order officer
  • Published a non-fiction book
  • Published a peer-reviewed academic paper at a respected academic conference while I was still an undergraduate.
  • Run my own companies
  • Developed and run workshops in self-protection (pro-active self-defense) for women
  • Been a board member of the Swedish chapter of prestigious ASIS International, one of the largest and most influential industry associations for security managers.

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