Ongoing Experiments

 The Nomad Polymath Experiments

Curiosity drives every polymath. For me, it means having some hobbies in one’s spare time. Here are some ongoing projects that I currently work on.

Lifestyle Design
The Nomad Polymath Lifestyle The Business Adventure

Lifestyle design for the travelling rennaissance person.
What is the ideal business model for a nomad polymath?
Art of cookery
The Pro Chef Challenge Anyone can be a kitchen ninja
I started my journey towards becoming a kitchen ninja at age 5, when I was taught the basics of cooking by my great grandmother – a professional cook.
The Pro Chef Challenge is about taking that journey to the next level by building the skills needed in a professional kitchen and putting them to the test in a real restaurants around the world. Can the Nomad Polymath take the heat?
Kitchen-ninja-concept2The Kitchen Ninja’s Dojo aims to take a fun approach to cooking. Everything is better with ninjas, right?


System building and Transformative Thinking
From food scraps to dinner plate WEIRD AND WONDERFUL

Urban farming and apartment composting
Experiments, ideas and creations that don’t fit anywhere else