Great places to eat in Sweden: A review of the Blå Tåget train

Disclaimer: The Nomad Polymath blog, Sara Hjalmarsson and Pauli Liestalo are in no way affiliated with Blå Tåget. We wrote this post because we wanted to share our experience.

Swedish trains are comfortable and convenient, but Blå Tåget takes it to another level. Not only does this train offer a comfortable trip, it also offers fine dining. And at the price of a mid-range restaurant, it is all quite affordable.

Today, train meals often stand out as mediocre. It would seem that a great meals while traveling are only available to the ultra-rich – or actors in a Hollywood movie. But, Blå Tåget changes all that. It makes you feel like a first-class passenger on the Orient Express.

My spouse and I took Blå Tåget from Skövde to Stockholm on our way to Italy. Depending on which train you take, this trip takes between 2-3 hours. We bought second class tickets at 248 SEK (about €25) each. We knew we wouldn’t have much time in Stockholm and decided to have lunch on the train.

Enjoying the view from a beautiful, moving restaurant.

Blå Tåget aims to replicate the high-end experience common on trains in the 1960s and 1970s.  They use old-style cars and offer both a classy bar (with live music in the evening!) and a restaurant that leaves it’s competition in the dust.

A juicy, tasty Wallenbergare. Classic Swedish food!

My spouse had a Wallenbergare, a classic Swedish dish. The Wallenbergare is like a fancy burger patty made with veal mince and cream. It is served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. I will let my spouse share his thoughts on the meal:

“This was by far one of the best Wallenbergare that I’d tasted. Many of the Wallenbergare I’d tried in the past had been dry or lacking in flavor, but this one was rich and very juicy.”

I had a falafel salad with garlic dressing. It was delicious with flavorful and slightly crunchy falafel balls. The dressing provided a nice contrast without being overwhelming.

For dessert, I had American-style pancakes served with cream and real maple syrup. These pancakes also tasted great and had a fluffy interior. Impressive for a train meal!

The entire meal cost 501 SEK including beverages. This brought the total price to 997 SEK or €100 (about 498.50 SEK or €50 each). That’s quite reasonable. A one-way second class ticket to Stockholm often costs 500 SEK (€50) or more per person. And that’s without the food!

Traveling with Blå Tåget was a great experience and we want to recommend it to others. My spouse and I will definitely take Blå Tåget again!


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