From the Swedish countryside to the British coast

It was a cold and windy morning when I left the Swedish country town of Skara (and the nordic winter) for the warmer shores of Great Britain. I would travel by train and take a short flight between Stockholm and London to save time.

Trains in Sweden are not very different from trains in the UK. They are both reasonably comfortable and get you to your destination quickly and efficiently (most of the time). I can recommend it to anyone who wants to travel in either country. It is even possible to travel by train between Sweden and the UK, but such a trip will take 9 hours or more.

The Best sushi at Arlanda Airport
Tasty sushi with green tea from Itamae Sky. The best sushi at Arlanda Airport.

Once I arrived at Arlanda airport it was already quite late, so I checked in and headed off to find some dinner.

In Arlanda’s shopping district – Sky City – lies Itamae Sky. This is a high-quality japanese restuarant that serves sushi, sashimi, Gyoza dumplings and other japanese fast food. Their sushi is very good and the price is reasonable for an airport restaurant. Green (genmai cha) tea and miso soup are included in the meal. On a cold day like today, the warmth of tea was very welcome.

With a full stomach it was time to head off to the gate and board the plane to Gatwick Airport.

Spending the night in a Yotel pod/capsule Hotel

I arrived at Gatwick over an hour late due to freezing temperatures and stormy weather. It was 1AM (2AM Swedish time), so I was tired and ready to get some sleep. In the arrivals area at Gatwick airport, right next to Costas Coffee, there is a budget hotel that offers convenient accommodation in tiny pod-like rooms.

Altough the rooms at Yotel are small, they are very efficiently organized. In only 7 square meters they have fit a comfortable bed, ensuite bathroom with a shower, a work desk and a TV.

After a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, I picked up a light breakfast and made my way to the train station. The train trip to Southampton would also turn out to be something of an adventure. My original train was canceled and there were delays on every line passing through London. Apparently, someone had found an undetonated bomb from World War II in the middle of the city!

Finally, I arrived at my destination and my first point-of-call: Mr D, the thermal cook.





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  1. Anders Hjalmarsson says:

    Verkligen bra skrivet! Du skulle kunna bli reseskribent. Du blir väl sponsrad av SJ och andra.


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