Why I love Thermal Cooking

Thermal cooking is a form of slow cooking done with retained heat. It produces delicious food with very little effort.

Join me on my business trip to the UK!

It’s time to invest in some new products for my sustainable cooking venture. Join me, as I travel to the UK, try new products and meet the people behind them.

Tangzhong bread Pizza – Delicious

Turns out the Tangzhong bread dough also makes some really nice pizza. My spouse and I have been making this pizza for a few weeks now – and he loves it!

A New Web-wardrobe

I have been meaning to update the look and feel of my blog for some time now. There are so many beautiful options for site design that it has been difficult to decide on just one. Then I found the Dyad theme, which offered the perfect combination of dynamic layout and visual emphasis. It was…