Join me on my business trip to the UK!

As my Swedish readers know, I have been promoting and selling solar cookers for almost 3 years. However, solar does not cover everything, so the time has arrived to invest in some complementary products from the best providers in Europe.

I like to know who I am doing business with, so I have traveled to the UK to meet with the providers in person. Join me, as I travel the country, try new products and meet the people behind them.

You can follow my trip at (Swedish only) and (English only).

My journey has 2 stops – Southampton and London

In Southampton I will meet with Dave Knowles and his wife. They sell Mr D’s Thermal cookware, which is without a doubt the best thermal cooker available in Europe today.
In London, I will meet with Stewart Maclachlan from Slick Solar Stove UK. We will try out the EcoZoom rocket stove and, if weather permits, a few solar cookers, too.

 While in London, I will also meet with the team behind Million Mile Lights. They recently completed their second successful Kickstarter campaign and are preparing to ship out a revolutionary new safety light to the world.

Check out the amazing products these enterprises bring to market

Mr D’s Thermal Cookware

The Ecozoom Rocket Stove

Million Mile Lights


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