Adventures in Make-up and Special effects

My makeup skills are entirely self-taught through reading books, watching demos, experimentation, internships and diligent visits to the International Makeup Artist Tradeshow. I did study the renowned Dick Smith Advanced Professional Makeup Course at one point, but Dick Smith passed away before I could complete it. Overall, I have more than 10 years of experience in professional and special effects make-up.

An understanding of mask-making came in handy for a professor at my University. One of his jobs involved testing security technologies, such as biometric locks (fingerprint readers). He needed a re-usable material with properties similar to human skin – so I made him a sheet of mask gelatine. He loved it! It had all the properties he was looking for and turned out to be better at thwarting the readers than anything he had used before.

Knowing this art has also helped me find jobs in the most unexpected of places. Soon after commencing University studies in Australia, I was able to make ends meet by doing fake tattoos and face painting at fairs and amusement parks in Perth and Mandurah. I also worked with independent films and theatre on a few occasions. What a wonderful way to meet people, learn the local culture and put food on the table!

More pictures are available in my portfolio. You can download it below. The contact details are out of date, but if you want to get in touch, you can reach me here.

Low resolution portfolio (1MB)
High resolution portfolio (12MB)

Disclaimer for independent filmmakers, TFP projects and students: I often receive requests to do make-up projects for Time-for-Print projects, zero-budget and student films. Although I understand the severe budget constraints of such projects, professional make-up costs money (the airbrush foundations I use often cost over €50 per bottle) – there are no shortcuts. I am more than happy to help out with these projects, but will still need to charge enough to cover my expenses.


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