Getting my nutrition knowledge formally recognized

I have had a passion for nutrition since I was a kid – I’ve read all sorts of books, used nutrition to do well in sports and support my studies. During all these years, I never had my knowledge formally recognized, but now it is time! My first step was to take the Foundation in Sports Nutrition at Shaw Academy – an engaging course with an inspirational teacher.

Luxury meat on a budget: Cooking with heart

How do you get a super-tender, medium-rare steak that is both healthy and budget-friendly? Make it with heart!

When life gives you lemons, the polymath makes lemonade

Sometimes things do not turn out as planned. This was the case with my last journey. If nothing else, my experience has shown me that it is now time to move on from the politicised and dogmatic world of sustainability and do something entirely different. Here is where being a polymath can turn failure into…

The Larder – Another gem in Cape Town

Next to where I am staying in Claremont, there is a cosy little café called The Larder. From the outside, it is rather unassuming – except for a bold sign claiming “The Best Cinnamon Buns in Town”. Being from Scandinavia, of course, I had to try one. And I must say – these cinnamon buns…

First stop: Österlen, Sweden

The first stop on my itinerary is Österlen, a region of southern Sweden famous for it’s fine dining, local produce, cider and cultural heritage. However, I am not here just to enjoy the food and drink – I am visiting my parents. After all, I won’t be seeing them for a while.

Superb Pasta from Scratch

There is one recipe every parent should teach their kids – how to make pasta. Real pasta is inexpensive, nutritious, easy to make and very versatile. It is an ideal dish when you want to impress your date (or significant other). If you have the space, invest in a good quality hand-cranked pasta machine. You can often…

Sourdough Bread with big Holes and Translucent Crumb

Sourdough bread is an amazing thing. With flour and water we can create breads with a wide variety of properties simply by changing the proportions of the ingredients, the kneading technique and the resting time. Of course, there is a gold standard that many bakers strive for – a rustic loaf with the large holes and translucent…

The Secret of Successful Croissants

Croissants have been part of my French Cuisine repertoire for a few years now, but my greatest challenge has been to get the layers to separate just right. The key to perfectly crispy croissants is good quality butter, plenty of rest and creating 32 layers of dough. The layers in a croissant are created by first…

The Pro Chef Challenge

I have been cooking since I was 5 years old, constantly challenging myself to try something new or unexpected. I have learned to prepare an enormous variety of dishes from sourdough bread to gelato and sashimi to soufflé. To work in a real restaurant kitchen, however, I must go beyond simple preparation of dishes and master a much more challenging art.

Pro Chef Reading List

Reading is much a part of the learning process as the practical elements. Here I will list some books used in the Pro Chef Challenge. If you have any suggestions for good books, please let me know by leaving a comment! Recommended books Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson Bolognese Cooking Heritage by Barbara Bertuzzi…