When life gives you lemons, the polymath makes lemonade

lemon-squeezer-609273_640Sometimes things do not turn out as planned. This was the case with my last journey. If nothing else, my experience has shown me that it is now time to move on from the politicised and dogmatic world of sustainability and do something entirely different. Here is where being a polymath can turn failure into success and opportunity – as one door closes, another opens and you are perfectly positioned to capture that window of opportunity.

A polymath’s wide range of skills and experiences can be combined to create a completely new concept. If she possesses informal knowledge and incomplete skills she can fill the gaps with readily available and inexpensive training programs. In my own case, I have chosen to merge my martial arts background (MMA), my passion for women’s safety and my interest in fitness and nutrition.

My MMA skills are not yet on par with those of a UFC-fighter, but they are good enough to win competitions and provide the audience with a good show. My knowledge of training and nutrition is poorly documented, but it is there and it is solid. My background in security is well-documented, and I have already developed and tested a training program in women’s safety and self-protection. By taking a few courses to complement and better document my existing knowledge, I take the first steps on a completely new journey.

It is too early to say where this will take me, but I am certain the journey will be worthwhile.

To follow my work in the field of fitness, MMA and women’s safety, check out my new blog “The Self-defense Lady”.

Does this mean I will stop posting on this blog? Of course not! I will continue to post and share my adventures, culinary experiments and other antics on this blog.


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